Body Stocking
Body stocking, in fact, is a kind of product that the ladies know very closely and uses the whole body: pantyhose! Indeed, the material used for both products is the same. Body sock types cover the entire body except for the arm and neck area. Different models are available, such as pantyhose. So you can find body stockings, tulle fabric body stockings, lacy body stockings. Body stockings are not only included in the category of fancy underwear. Like pantyhose protection of your legs, body stockings protect your whole body and cover the flaws, making them more attractive than they are. However, there are mostly models produced for fancy purposes.
The lower (net) portions of these models are open, and are usually open on either the side or back. This design is normal as it is desired to obtain a more attractive and sexy look. If you are taking fancy purposes, it is recommended that you refer to the models that emphasize the regions you want to emphasize in your body. My Women Güzelim web site, Rosaria, Sistina, and Vixson brand produced by the quality and sexy body stocking models are offered for sale. Our socks are both useful in design and durable. They are offered for sale in every body and will always emphasize your feminine lines and will ignite your partner as never before. Female body stocking models, is sent all over Turkey with a closed cargo.