Collector Bra
Bra models are used as an underwear product for a very long time. Female bra models are mainly used as a supporting product. If the chest area is not supported during daily activities, it will cause discomfort and irritation to the sensitive skin. Likewise, not being supported may cause them to sag in a short period of time. A properly designed bra model will eliminate both problems. This is especially true for the collecting bra models. The gathering bras provide more support to the breasts than the normal bra. The specially designed straps and the strips in the cup region compress the breasts and prevent them from moving. In this way, the breasts will not hang and disturb and will not be irritated.
The collector's bra models are especially important for women with large breasts. Because the problems mentioned above are more common in women with large breasts. It would be more appropriate for women with small breasts to look at their breech bra models. The life span of a collector bra is between 6 and 11 months and must be replaced after it has expired. It is recommended to wash in the washing machine and wash it in warm water and in the delicate program. If the pickup bra is loose and the up and down movement has increased, it is time to replace it. My Women Güzelim web site, under this category, you can use safely for a long time to take advantage of the bracelet models are offered for sale in favorable conditions and reasonable prices. Our bras are produced by industry-leading brands such as Sistina, New Pearl and NBB.
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