Leggings are a type of dress that wraps the legs tightly. They are usually made of lycra, nylon, cotton and polyester. Women's tights made of wool, silk and other materials are also available. They can be worn on their own or over a skirt or shorts. Therefore, women are not included in the underwear category. They can also be worn like pants. It is a type of garment that is based on dates before Christ and used by men first. Interestingly, the armored knights of the 14th century became famous and widespread. Because the leggings are used under armor to prevent damage to the skin during this period. In the same period, it is known that they are used by men instead of pants.
Nowadays, they are used by women because they are comfortable and practical. There are even advanced models that provide moisture to the skin with microcapsule techniques. Women's tights, which can be produced in a wide variety of colors and patterns, will make your legs attractive and shaped and can be used as a practical home / street wear. The only difference of modern leggings is that the heel area is left open. In traditional tights, there is a small and flexible part in this part. My Lady Güzelim website offers top quality ladies' leggings from brands such as Polikan, Vixson and Sistina at the most advantageous prices. We have leggings such as leather, seamless and leopard print.