Thong models
Thong is a product of small size women's underwear, in which technically small and triangular pieces of fabric are joined together with ropes. The name abroad is not thong, but thong. Thong models are often used as a category name. Because there are countless women's underwear models whose origins are based on tangas; g-string and c-string are among the most well-known examples. Having a very old history, thong models have gained their modern designs thanks to the athletes. Athletes and athletes who want a flexible and soft type of underwear that they will be comfortable during the sport have gained the appearance of tangas today. Even tuxedos, which are the source of inspiration for bikini swimsuits, are among the ladies' underwear products that can be used both for daily use and for a sexy look.
In this category of Women's Beautiful web site, there are thong models suitable for both purposes. Our female thong models, produced by Vixson and Papatya, are suitable for everyday use and give you a feminine, sexy look. Our tombs are made of superior quality fabrics. It does not disturb, absorbs sweat and does not cause skin problems. We currently have Super Sexy Micro Thong, Super Fantasy Micro Thong, Embroidered Sexy G-String, Red Lace Fantasy Panties and Special Zone Open Stone Embroidered Sexy Thong models. All our tangas are delivered to your address with closed cargo.