Strapless Bra
Bra models are one of the most well-known and most used women's underwear products. As known, the first and main purpose of bras is to cover and support the breasts. For this purpose, the design of the bra which is still used today is firstly revealed at the end of the 19th century. In this conventional and even universal design, the parts covering the thoracic region are supported from the top and rear by a hanger system. In other words, traditional bra models have hangers on the shoulders. This is a clever and practical design, but it is not possible to use it under any circumstances and clothing. Evening clothes, strapless blouses and all kinds of garments covering the shoulder area will cause the bra straps to appear and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Transparent strap bra models are available, but these are not definitive and permanent solutions. Strapless bras have been developed for use with this type of shoulder dress. Strapless bra models with their special designs only support from the back area. There is no hangers on the shoulder. In terms of appearance, there is no difference between the traditional bra models, it is possible to say that only the lower parts are slightly thicker and longer. Evening dresses, night dresses and all kinds of shoulder dresses are the most suitable for use with dresses. My Women Güzelim web site, Le Jardin brand designed and produced from each other quality strapless bras models offered for sale at advantageous prices.