String Panties
Women's panty models, being one of the oldest underwear types, has many varieties. Designs and appearances in history have undergone many changes
Truck. Again, the type and size of the fabric used varies from model to model. String panties models have a new history. In the 1960s, it emerged in America. The reason they get this name is that they look like a thin string from behind. Indeed, the back of the string panties are very thin and become virtually invisible when they enter the hips. The front sides consist of a small piece of cloth with a triangular draw. Although it has an erotic and attractive appearance, it is often preferred in daily life. Because they offer a very comfortable use, especially for overweight women.
String panties models accommodate many sub-models. G-string and C-string are among the most well-known. They are the origin of the string panties and their usage purposes and shapes are quite different. Under this category of My Woman Güzelim website, string panties models produced by Anastasia and Papatya are offered for sale. (G-string and C-string panty models are sold in their own special categories.) There are many different types such as fancy panties, stringed string, guipure string, laser cut string. Each one promises you a comfortable use and gives you an attractive look. String panties Our model is delivered with an enclosed cargo anywhere in Turkey.