Slip Bikini Panties
Slip bikini panty models are one of the most basic and best known women underwear products. Contrary to popular belief, it is a very new product and in the middle of the 20th century the first examples were seen. It takes its name from its distinctive triangular design. This design ensures that slip briefs remain constant on the waist and do not fall down without the need for a separate stabilizer. Closes all necessary areas and offers comfortable use. Slip swimsuit models are inspired by the predecessor corsets. In fact, it is possible to say that the corset, which is normally a one-piece female underwear product, has become a bra and slip pantyhose divided into two parts over time.
Slip bikini panties models are sold under this category of women. In other words, they are produced with comfort and comfort in mind. (It is recommended to look at our fantasy underpants category for sexy look.) Our slip panties, each of which is made of pure cotton, are offered for sale in sizes that will fit your body. They are suitable for regular use all day long. Does not sweat and allow the body to breathe does not allow the formation of bad odors. The design is multicolored, eye-catching and humorous in some models. In fact, we have models that use cartoon characters or leopard patterns. Our slip bikini panties models produced by the leading brands such as Papatya, Dondeza, Denizgülü and Passion are at your service with advantageous prices.