Combed night
Combed, as is known, is the name of a fabric made of only cotton quality combed. It takes its name from the verb "to scan" in French. It is known as the best quality of the yarn produced from cotton. It is produced from long-fiber cotton fibers and is known for its physical strength and resistance to hairiness. It has a smooth surface and a bright, lively appearance. Egyptian cotton is the most preferred cotton in the world for combed fabric production. Although it is mostly seen on t-shirt models, it is a preferred type of fabric in ladies' nightgowns. As mentioned above, if it is made of high quality cotton, combed nightwear will give you a comfortable and comfortable sleep and definitely will not make hair. Again, it will be possible to get a sexy look according to the model and design.
My women are unique in terms of the combed nightwear models offered on the Güzelim website, as well as the quality and design of the cotton used. In our combed nightwear produced by Polkan, leopard pattern is used extensively. According to the design, we have slits, hangers, detachable and closed models. However, each of them has been produced in a quality that will not make any feathering, wear out and lose their brightness and vitality even if they are washed and washed for a long time. Our combed nightgown models are available in any size and can be purchased at extremely advantageous prices. until delivery is done to your address with closed cargo anywhere in Turkey.