Supported Bra Set (6035)

Brand : Le Jardin
Price : ₺52,40(Vat included)
* ₺6,30 With install ments starting from
Since the existence of the human being is always needed dressing. What about underwear? Le Jardin Supported Strapless Bra Set 6035 is one of the most special pieces of the braided bras. You're going to like the way you feel with your skin. Le Jardin Supported Strapless Bra Team 6035 will make you look very comfortable and comfortable. Satin fabric, Jacquard patterned thanks to this comfort combined with elegance Le Jardin Supported Strapless Stones Bra 6035 My Woman Beauty with the privilege in Black, White, Ecru colors and 75, 80, 85, 90 sizes are sold. If you wish to purchase our Le Jardin Supported Bra Team, you can order online by credit card. Our product is the bra panty suit.