The garter is the name of the rubbery link that keeps the socks from falling into stockings, rather than the socks themselves. Asli comes from the French word jarretière. It is a product of underwear frequently used in the early 20th century. In the 1920s, the popularity of pantyhose socks became popular and lost its feature of being a part of daily wear. Nowadays, special nights are worn to provide a sexy look or under the wedding dress. It can even be identified with weddings and brides. The reason is that, in Western culture, "old, new, borrowed and blue" belongings were collected by the bride before the wedding. Almost every bride prefers garter models as blue ware. Women's garter suit and garter models are perfect for providing a classy, ​​sophisticated and attractive look. Since the stockings will be stretched through the garter, your legs will be more balanced and will look more smooth. Again, since garter socks are a little thicker than pantyhose, it is possible to say that events such as pulling or breaking are more aa. My Women Güzelim website sells garter products under this category. (If you want to buy the jersey one by one, you have to look at their special category.) Our garter models of Le Jardin, Denizgülü, Vixson and Sistina are designed to provide a sexy look. Designs that emphasize your comfortable but feminine lines and highlight the places you like in your body will not let you down even on your most special nights. Garter sets our models are sent all over Turkey, with closed cargo.