Breast tip closers
Nipple sealers, marketed under the name of "pasties" abroad, are the products that first appeared in the 1920s. The purpose of the exit, according to the laws of that time, the strippers can not remain literally naked. Evaluating a gap in the law, strippers could claim that they were not completely naked by covering their nipples with small pieces made of plastic. Even today, it is possible to say that they are used for the same purpose in many states of America. Breast tip closers are both erotic products and can be used in daily life. For this reason, they are produced from different materials and in different shapes and sizes. Most simply, in most Hollywood films, they are often used in scenes in which the stars of famous stars appear.
Breast tip closers available for sale on my women's web site are available for all types of use. If you have sensitive and easily worn or stimulated nipples, any of our silicone or fabric models will solve your problem. If your aim is to provoke your partner, you can easily accomplish this with any of our models with tassels, ribbons, X-shaped. Our nipple-closing models produced on the Vixson side are compatible with the skin, allowing you not to experience any problems even in long-term use. They remain fixed on the nipple but can also be easily removed at any time. Miss and personal products that nipple concealer models, not understanding what is happening inside the closed cargo is sent all over Turkey.