Fancy Dress
My Women Güzelim website does not only sell ladies' underwear products, but also aims to make women look cared, sexy and attractive at every moment of life. The outfits offered for sale in our Fancy Dress category should be evaluated according to this principle. Our fancy dress category belongs to outerwear, not underwear. In other words, the products we sell under this category are for wearing on underwear. (Of course, but it is also possible to use them without underwear.) However, as can be seen from the category name, these are not models suitable for use in daily life and / or for use outside. Each model is designed to provoke your partner and achieve a passionate look. Our fancy dress models will reveal your favorite parts of the body and give you a desirable look with the décolletes they contain.
When buying fancy dresses, you need to pay attention to the places where they are. The reason for this is that every woman has a different place of trust in her body. For example, if you like your chest area, it would be more appropriate to refer to the models that have chest cleavage. Similar conditions are also valid for the hip and legs. Choosing a model that suits you will improve the result. Designed and manufactured by Elawin, our models have a very colorful structure and are manufactured with the highest quality fabrics. Whether you're sitting in anywhere in Turkey, you can not order from our site. Your orders will be delivered to your address with closed cargo.
₺29,91Vat included
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