The word iç slip anlam, which is literally meaningless, is often preferred by many men. Cotton materials are generally used in slip production, but lycra fabrics are among the materials used in production. However, the models produced from cotton are more preferred. This is due to the absorption of sweat that occurs in the crotch regions of the body. Male slip is also preferred because of the comfort of movement.

There are rumors that male slip use has a negative effect on sperm production and can lead to infertility. These rumors that have no scientific basis should not be taken into account. In particular, the results of research conducted by reputable universities in recent years have revealed that there is no close connection between infertility or sperm production and male slip frost wear. For this reason, men who want to use the preference of the slip frost can do so with peace of mind. In addition, men's wearing a sexy appearance of women who are wearing a slip slip is a fact mentioned by the women.


Although Slip is a small garment, it is produced in a wide variety of designs and colors and presented to consumers.
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$2.14 Vat included