Breastfeeding bra
Breastfeeding is the most important thing in the development of a baby. Research has shown that the immune systems of breast-fed infants are stronger, more difficult, and recover more quickly. Especially until the first year of infant, the only food should be breast milk. It is of great importance for the mother to be in a comfortable position during breastfeeding. A comfortable position is not only the comfort of sitting but also the comfort of breastfeeding. It is a very difficult task to perform a comfortable and peaceful breastfeeding with classic ladies' bra models. Your baby will want to be fed frequently in the first months, each time you unfasten your bra strap or uncomfortable stripping, even your breastfeeding will affect your efficiency. Here are breastfeeding bra models developed for this situation.
Breastfeeding bras are specially developed for easy and comfortable feeding of the baby. Breastfeeding bra is called because your nipple can be opened without having to remove the bra. The front of these bras has a special section that can be opened downwards. It is possible to open this part before you start feeding, reveal your nipple and close it again after breastfeeding. It is extremely easy, practical and fast to use. There is no difference in appearance between normal bra models. My Women Güzelim website presents the breastfeeding bra models designed and produced by Sistina brand at advantageous prices.