Supportless Bra
As is known, the bra is an underwear product that covers, supports and lifts the breasts. It is an underwear that was invented in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, replacing the widely used bodice models. However, women used a bra-like product to support their breasts in all periods of history. In fact, BC. Even in the 7th century, it is possible to find information about the use of bra. The reason for this is that if breasts are not used, the breasts will hang prematurely and may cause discomfort during daily activities. A quality and fit for your body, a bra model gives your breasts the support they need, prevents them from sagging and creates a neat image.
Although there are many women's bra models in the market (for example, supported bra, breastfeeding bra, sports bra, etc.) unsupported bra models are the most common and most commonly used models. Unsupported bras is the name given to standard and traditional bra models. Although they may differ in appearance and design, these models do not offer a separate feature (rollup, compression, body enlargement, etc.). In this section of Kadınım Güzelim website, high quality unsupported bra models belonging to sector leaders such as Sistina, Yeni İnci, Le Jardin and Orkide are offered with extremely advantageous conditions and reasonable prices. All our models offer a comfortable use and a sexy look