Supported bra
Supported bra models are a female underwear product and first appeared in 1990s. Although the patents were taken in 1955, there was no production by the end of the 90s. The first support braided model was introduced as Wonderbra. Thanks to the advertisements of Hollywood stars, supported bra models have gained popularity. These bra models, which were sold only in the United States and England until 1994, were started to be produced and marketed globally in the same year. The ads of the Czechoslovakian model Eva Herzigova have been attracted by interest in every country and increased sales significantly. Supported bras, known as "one of the biggest women's underwear revolutions", are now preferred by all women everywhere including our country.
Supported bra models, as their name supports your breasts and actively prevent sagging. They can do this because they are special hanger designs. Or the part where the breasts enter into is not a separate feature. Supported bras do not only support the breasts, they also show a great deal because of their special designs. Therefore, the feature is preferred by small breasted women. In the same way, they are used to create a more attractive image in night gowns with breasts. Women with big breasts are more comfortable with a special support system than with a normal bra. My Women Güzelim website has been offering supportive brassiere models at advantageous prices.