The main name of the female underwear model that we know as body is "bodysuit". Underwear models that cover the entire upper body area and become a panty under the waist. The name of the snapshot body comes from the opening and closing of the one-piece garment with the snap fasteners on the bottom of the garment. The upper part of the snap-on body models can be very different and varied. Unlike other underwear products, they can be used even in the form of a separate garment. Some models are even produced in the form of a turtleneck. They are made from many different fabrics such as cotton, silk and micro. In order to avoid any difficulty in skin harmony, it is desirable to use those made of pure cotton. Snap-on body models were first developed in 1590 by American fashion designer Claire McCardell. Indeed, Hollywood stars such as Betty Page were also used by many Playboys.
The snapshot body is also known as the "superhero suit". Famous comic book characters like Wonder Woman are pictured in a body-dress. Snapshot body models are practical and useful underwear products. It provides complete protection from the cold and closes the most important areas of the body. There are many sub models such as hanging, long sleeves, lace, thick straps, low-cut and sports body. My Women Güzelim website offers all body models of brands such as Sistina, Polkan, Berrak and Sedef Yıldızı under favorable conditions.