Thong is one of the popular ladies' underwear models. The most known of these varieties are g-string models. Thong models are underwear products that look like bikinis on the front, which have different names depending on the shape and size of the piece of cloth on the back. For example, if there is a piece of triangular fabric at the back, it takes the name g-string. C-string models are quite different and striking in this respect. Even though it looks like a bikini at the front, it's almost invisible from the back. Because, the c-string models do not have the hangers and the back sides - just not. These are indeed products that look like a side C letter. One end of the letter C is wide and the other end is a thin rope. The larger part is in the groin area. The rope-shaped end is between the hips.
C-string models usually have a metal support (to protect their form). The underwear does not cause any trouble of seeing the trace over the garment. However, they are not suitable products for daily use. They are used to get a more sexy look and seduce your partner. For the same reason, the front sides are usually transparent. My Women Güzelim web site, fancy c-string produced by the company VIXSON, crocheted c-string, such as sexy and provocative c-string models offered for sale. C-strings, which you can use to experience a different experience and surprise your partner, are at your service with advantageous prices