Large Size Babydoll
Babydoll models are a generic term for thin, transparent and very short sexy nightwear models. Although it is now mostly used to obtain a sexy look, this is not the purpose of the first appearance. Babydoll models that emerged during World War II were designed to design a comfortable night with a small number of pieces of cloth (due to the shortage in that period). However, when the appearance was extremely sexy and attractive, they were used for this purpose. As you can see, babydoll models are products that you can use to seduce your partner rather than a comfortable and comfortable sleep. It is mostly made of a tulle-like, transparent fabric and ends just above your hips.
This special and sexy look applies to women of all sizes. In other words, great size babydoll models will also show you sexy, attractive and desirable. Our specially designed big size babydoll models feature a wide range of designs and all provide a provocative look. The colors and fabrics used are specially designed to highlight the areas of your body that you like. Currently, we offer models such as big size sexy fantasy babydoll, lace embroidered fantasy babydoll, big size red transparent nightgown suit and lacy strapless sexy fantasy babydoll. Regardless of which you choose, all our models are sent all over Turkey with a closed cargo.