Women's panty models are one of the oldest and most used women's underwear products. Also known in English as "panties" and "knickers", these products are specific to everyday use. They are made of elastic, comfortable and skin compatible fabrics. They have a history of thousands of years and BC. It extends to 4.400. However, today's ladies panties design has a history of more than 50 years. Before the 1970s, women's panties were long and long enough to stretch to the bottom of the ribs. The panties starting just above the pubic area have been developed to make women more comfortable in working life. In fact, more and more thong, thong, g-string has turned into models such as.
In this category, women's panties are for daily use. For our models such as sexy panties and / or fantasy panties, you should check out our, fantasy panties gibi category. In this category, traditional panty models made of pure, useful and pure cotton are offered in this category, as it is intended for convenience and practical use. Women's panties belonging to brands such as Dondeza, Denizgülü, Passion, Daisy, Doza and Silver will offer you the comfort you desire in both your working life and your daily life. Our panties produced using pure cotton do not cause skin problems even for long periods of use. Because they are made of durable materials, they retain their first day even after a lot of washing. Women Güzelim website sends off cargo models of lady's panties all over Turkey.