Female athlete
Female athlete models, although traditionally included, are not included in the women's underwear product category. On the contrary, they are parts of outerwear that can be worn without sleeves. However, as we have stated, traditional use is in the form of underwear and habits require this. This garment takes its name from the athletes' clothing. Indeed, its origin is based on the word "athlete", meaning "athlete" in English. Since it is not used alone in our culture and it is worn under the clothes, comfort, comfort and fabric types are important. A comfortable and useful female athlete model should be made of pure cotton, absorb sweat and do not irritate the skin. In addition, they should have a pleasant appearance and emphasize feminine lines when necessary.
Women 's athlete models sold in My Beautiful web site are designed and produced in line with this understanding. The athletes that you can wear under the clothes are designed to be simple and useful. There are also models with long sleeves and different cuts that you can use as an outfit. Our female athlete models are the products of leading brands such as Mad Women, Donwear, Polkan and Sistina. Guipure, strapless, piping, V neck, strap, lace and sleeveless models are available. Our athletes, each with a different and original design, will give you a comfortable and comfortable use. Women Güzelim website serves all over Turkey with a cargo ship.