Privacy Security Warranty


Data security:


All sensitive and personal information compiled from users is stored in the highest electronic and physical security standards, available only to the authorized T.C. laws and international law. The trade center undertakes not to disclose the personal and sensitive information it collects from the users under any name, for any reason and without any consent of the user, not to share such information with third parties and to not misuse such information.


Data Sharing:


Trade Center reserves the right to analyze and interpret the general user information other than the above-mentioned personal information in order to make the services offered more efficient and to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level. In addition, users can be used for product updates, discount announcements and special offers by evaluating the site if they approve. The lock image in the lower right corner of the page where you enter your Credit Card information indicates that this page is encrypted with SSL, and when you click on it, it indicates which company the encryption belongs to.



Hidden cargo and hidden package application



As womenimgü, the confidentiality and security of our customers' information comes first. You can do your shopping with the peace of mind.


Does the cargo officer carrying my order know the contents of the package?



No. Hidden cargo and hidden package application is done on our site. In all purchases, products are sent in secret packages. Confidential packages are closed to the cargo company and there are no logo or brand names on the package. Thus, no one, including the cargo company and the authorities, knows what they are carrying in the package and